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Travel Note(Jan 1st)
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Travel note (Jan 1st)

Time flys,the year 2011 was over with a perfect ending.
To welcome the hopeful new year and celebrate the programs we got last year,We(members of xiduoli sanitary ware co.,ltd) plan to travel. After our discussion,we decide to go to Baizhangji(where we can see pretty high waterfall).
It is a very beautiful place.Ji means waterfall,baizhang means very very high. There are three waterfalls,falls I,falls II and falls III. The first fall is the highest one,with 207 meters.

It was a sunny day on 1st January,the first day on the year 2012!
We got up early in the morning,and prepared everything,At about 8:00AM,we started for the destination.
Nearly 3hours' riding,we got there.After buying tickets,we entered the scenery spot.I think it is a good place to close to nature.The scenery spot is surrounded by mountains with fresh air.

The first spot we arrived in is Baizhang sanji(falls III). Cause it was near lunch, we stayed here to have short meal while enjoying the scenery. After finishing,we got to go ahead.Not far away,there was a spot called shengguitan.Can you find what's the rock like? Yeah,a tortoise, hahaha... so amazing,right? This is formed by nature,not human beings.

Along the road up,we found baizhang erji(falls II).Wow,it looked very spectacular,it has much different to the first fall, what impressed me most is that the rainbow appeared cross the fall,it added more beauty to the falls.Also there is a  hole named shuiliandong (waterfall cave). There was a chinese old tale about it,did you hear of monkey sun? He lived a place also called shuiliandong ever.

Keep walking,we go upstair a long ladder and got to the last spot called baizhang sanji (falls III).you can't image my feeling when see the falls,it is so powerful,ever-roaring,magnificent....  it maked us pretty exciting,it is 207meters high,the longest fall among the three falls.Even stayed away the fall,we also can feel the waterdrop fly to seemed raining arond us. The water comes down from a tall montain,and rush to the under lake. Also there is a gloriette beside,many tourists sat there,and enjoyed the beautiful scenery.

We had a wonderful day there and enjoy the scenic beauty.I think it's very meaningful to get close to the nature.We are living in crowded city,much people,much traffic,so it's pretty important to relax ourselves and breathe the fresh air in the nature,hug the nature,feel the nature! As it says: Go for green fasion and live green life! Absolutely, we xiduoli sanitary ware co.,ltd would offer the green life to most of you !


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